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Brazil selects the MBDA Sea Ceptor system for new corvettes program

Brazil has selected the European MBDA Sea Ceptor system for installation on future Tamandaré class corvettes. Tamandaré class corvettes future will be based on the Barosso class corvettes and have a multirole configuration, with capacity for anti-ship and anti-air defense. They will have a main gun and secondary armament.

They will have a displacement of 2,700 tons with a length of just over 100 meters. Will also flight deck and hangar for helicóperos of medium size.

The MBDA Sea Ceptor is an all-weather missile air defense. It has been developed for the Ministry of Defence of United Kingdom to equip the ships of the Royal Navy Type 23, replacing the Sea Wolf system and for new frigates Type 26. It has also been selected by the Royal New Zealand Navy to replace the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow in Anzac class frigates.

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