Anadolu LHD (L-408)

LHD "Juan Carlos I" LHD "Juan Carlos I" Spanish Navy - Armada Española


The design of the "LHD Juan Carlos I" has been introduced to several contest in various navies with stiff competition, especially with Mistral class, his French counterpart.

The first success came in when Navantia won the contest acquisition of two vessels for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), based on "LHD Juan Carlos I" model and associated with their Australian partner BAE Systems Australia. In the competition Navantia would be responsible for the design and construction of the superstructure, isolated areas would be built in Australia as well as the supply of engines and SICP (Sistema Integrado de Control de Plataforma/Integrated Control Platform System). The principle differences from Australian LHD class Canberra are sensors and combat system.

In December 2013, the Executive Committee of the Turkish Defence Industry (SSIK) announced the selection of SEDEF Gemi İnşaatı A.Ş, Navantia local partner to start negotiations for the signing of a contract for the construction of a landing ship LHD amphibious type "Juan Carlos I".

Navantia would design the amphibious landing ship which later on became built on Sedef shipyard. As well as the design, Navantia would be responsible for building 4 LCM-1E boats (such as those operating in the Spanish Armada), supply of engines, turbine and SICP (Sistema Integrado de Control de Plataforma/Integrated Platform Management System).


  • Ships in class:
    Anadolu L-408 - -
  • Length:
    • 232 meters
  • Beam:
    • 32 meters
  • Draft:
    • 6.9 meters.
  • Displacement:
    • Amphibious operations: 27,082 tons.
    • Air operations: 24,641 tons.
  • Propulsion:
    • 5 diesel-generator MAN 16V32/40 with a power of 7.860 HP
    • 2 POD propellers of 11MW each.
    • 2 bow thrusters to maneuver than 1,500 kW.
    • 1 diesel emergency generator of 950 kW.
  • Speed:
    • Amphibious operations: 20 knots .
    • Air operations: 21 knots .
    • Maximum sustained: 19 knots .
  • Range:
    • 9.000 NM at 15 knots.


  • Complement:
    • Crew: 261
  • Sensors:
    • Air radar 3D SMART-S Mk2
    • Surface search and navigation radar:LPI Aselsan Alper
    • 2 navigation radar
    • 1 Air traffic and control radar
    • 1 Precision Approach Radar:
    • ASELFLIR-300D Electro Optical Director Electro-Optical Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting System
    • IFF including mode 5 and modo S
  • ESM/ECM:
    • ASELSAN Naval Platform Radar ESM System
  • Countermeasures:
    • Chaff/IR Decoy launching system
    • ASELSAN TORK Hard-Kill Torpedo Countermeasure System
  • Systems:
    • Combat System: Genesis Advent CMS with amphibious and joint operations capability
    • Data link Link-11/16
    • Communications UHF SATCOM, SHF SATCOM, INMARSAT, UHF, HF, VHF, GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System), Iridium.
    • TACAN.
  • Weapons:
    • 4 Aselsan STOP remoted controlled stabilized gun of 25mm.
    • 3 Aselsan STAMP remoted controlled stabilized gun of 12.7mm
    • 2 Mk 15 Phalanx close-in weapon systems (CIWS)


  • Transport:
    • Heavy vehicles Garage: 1,410 meters square.
    • Light vehicle garage: 1,880 square meters
    • Hangar: 900 square meters.
    • Ammunition: 580 square meters.


  • Aircraft carried:
    • Capacity up to 30 aircraft including AV-8B Plus, JSF, NH-90, SH-3D, CH-47, AB-212.
    • Capacity of 19 AV-8B aircraft, 30 NH-90 helicopters, 10 heavy helicopters CH-47 Chinook, 12 helicopters and 11 NH-90 AV-8B aircraft.
    • 2 lifts with capacity to operate JSF.
    • The flight deck features six helicopte or four CH-47 take-off spots.
    • Flight Deck of 202 x 32 meters. .
    • Flight deck of 4,750 square meters.
    • Ski jump of 12 degrees.


  • Other:
    • Floodable well dock: 69.30 x 16.80 meters for 4 LCM-1E + 4 Supercat, or 1 LCAC or LVT.


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