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The AOR "Cantabria" (A-15) departs Ferrol towards the British Isles to integrate into the SNMG-2 (Standing NATO Maritime Group 2).

The AOR "Cantabria" participate in the multinational exercises "Joint Warrior".

It is the second time in just over a year that the ‘Cantabria’ integrates into SNMGs. The auxiliary oiler has just successfully undergone a series of ship qualification trials to test and certify its readiness state to operate with these multinational naval forces.

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On Friday April 1, the AOR "Cantabria" (A-15) arrived to Ferrol after a two month deployment with the Standing NATO Maritime Group - 1 (SNMG-1).

During the two months deployed the AOR "Cantabria" has been the supply ship of integrated units in that group. During this time he has participated in international exercises NOR TG / DG and Cold Response units realized with SNMG-1 and other units of different NATO countries.

During deployment the AOR "Cantabria" visited the ports of London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bergen (Norway), Trondheim (Norway), Oslo (Norway), Kiel (Germany), Warnemünde (Germany) and Riga (Latvia).

During their integration has coincided with another Spanish ship as the frigate "Alvaro de Bazan" also it acts as a command ship of the group.

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Tuesday, 04 March 2014 10:21


Additional Info

  • Ships in class
    Cantabria A-15 21 July 2008 29 July 2010 Ferrol
  • Length


    • 173.8 meters.
  • Beam
    • 23 meters.


  • Draft
    • 8 meters
  • Displacement


    • 19,500 tonnes
  • Propulsion


    • 2 diesel MAN 18V 40/45 with a power of  10,890 HP.
    • 1 variable pitch propeller.
    • 1 maneuvering thrusters .
  • Electric power
    • 4 diesel-generators MAN 16V 20/27


  • Speed
    • 20 knots.
  • Range
    • 6,000 Nautical miles.


  • Complement
    • Crew: 122 people.
    • Air Group: 20 people.
    • Transport : 68 people.


  • Sensors
    • Navigation radar: Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT.
    • Surface search and navigation radar: Indra Aries-NAV.
    • Air search radar: Indra Aries-SAAS
    • SVO (Optronics Surveillance System)
    • IFF including mode 5 and modo S


    • ESM radar: Indra Rigel.


  • Countermeasures
    • 6 SRBOC Mk-36 Infrared flares and chaff launcher
    • SLQ-25 Nixie towed decoy


  • Systems
    • Combat System SCOMBA BAC.
    • Integrated Communications System ICCS-5
    • Data Link-11
    • Communications SHF SATCOM, INMARSAT, UHF, HF, VHF, GMDSS, Iridium.
    • TACAN.
    • GPS.
    • Time central.
    • Mapping system.
    • WECDIS (Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System)
    • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
    • Consoles  CONAM - 4 consoles, 1 three monitors y 3 two monitors.


  • Weapons
    • 2 BAE Mk-38 Mod. 2 of 25 mm (preinstallation).
    • 2 RWS Escribano Sentinel 2.0 of 12,7 mm.
    • Reserve space for a PDMS (Point Defence Missile System)


  • Aircraft carried
    • Flight deck and hangar for 1 helicopter heavy.
    • Hangar 3 AB-212 or 2 SH-3D/NH-90


  • Replenishment
    • DFM: 8,309 meters cubic.
    • JP-5: 1,527 meters cubic.
    • Engine oil: 122 meters cubic.
    • Freshwater: 170 meters cubic.
    • Distilled water: 170 meters cubic.
    • Ammo: 510 square meters.
    • Regards/sonobuoys : 83 square meters.
    • Ammunition and supplies.
    • 20 containers on deck.


  • Other
    • 4 x dual purpose abeam stations with heavy jackstays
    • 2 x dual purpose abeam stations with light jackstays
    • 1 astern fuel transfer station


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